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Wristband HOT-CHIP

Are you a passionate chilli eater? Then you should definitely have our bracelet. Show everyone what team you belong to. Be a part of the HOT-CHIP family! The print is different on each side and the flexible material ensures that the fabric bracelet fits everyone. This also makes it a great gift.

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Wristband HOT-CHIP


Each community has its own symbol 

Every community is associated with a specific symbol. Audi drivers have four rings, who favours Adidas wears three stripes. Chilli lovers have this textile bracelet. Thanks to this, you'll instantly know who is part of the same team and loves chilli as you do! 

Quality material, tailoring and original design 

This bracelet is made of durable fabric and thanks to its elasticity, it fits both larger and smaller wrists. The bracelet is really sturdy, so you can leave the house with it every day. 

We liked the two designs. That's why this fabric bracelet has a different print on each side. So you actually get not one, but two bracelets! 

Appreciate your chilli buddies 

Did you talk someone into a spicy challenge? Then add this bracelet to your cart. Do you wonder why? Simply because anyone who overcomes themselves deserves to be a member of the HOT-CHIP team.