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STRIPS Smoked Scorpio

You're a little hungry but you’d just have something with chilli in it? Do you need a strong chilli favour? Then try our strips which are based on the feared Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper in addition to legumes and protein. This extremely spicy delicacy is here for true tough guys!

SHU 80 000
Country of origin Czech Republic
Heat Level
  • 5
Price incl. VAT: 2,69 €
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STRIPS Smoked Scorpio


Heat level 

High, 80 000 SHU 

Quality Ingredients 

Quality comes first for us. That's why you won't find dyes, preservatives or gluten in our strips. Thanks to the exclusively plant-based composition, our strips are also suitable for vegans. 

When to enjoy them 

That's entirely up to you. It tastes great with beer or wine but thanks to their high protein content, you can have them for a snack or as a post-gym snack. 

In addition to the great taste and ingredients, we've added a handy packaging that lets you take these strips with you everywhere. Fast hunger relief and great taste, these are Smoked Scorpio strips! 

A snack for real daredevils 

Protein chips with the world's second hottest pepper are here for those who are looking for a spicy snack. The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion smoked chilli pepper gives you a great taste, high quality ingredients offer everything your body needs. 


Pea flour 82%, rapeseed oil, chia seeds, sea salt, chilli smoked jalapeños 1.3%, chilli scorpio 1.3%, sugar, carrot, garlic, onion, parsnip, parsley, spice blend, yeast extract.


80 g