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STRiPS CHiPS - Lentils Italy

Do you like Italian flavours and at the same time prefer a healthy diet? Then we’ve got something special for you. Lentils Italy pulse chips. The awesome aroma, delicious taste and quality ingredients make these chips the perfect snack for young and old alike.

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STRiPS CHiPS - Lentils Italy

Quality Ingredients 

Chia seeds come with a rich content of vitamins, minerals, calcium and antioxidants. The lentils provide fibre and protein. There is simply no reason to say no to these chips! Are you looking for E numbers, preservatives, gluten or other allergens in the ingredients? Put the glasses away. You won't find any! 

When to enjoy them 

You can eat them during the movie night or take them as an energy boost for long trips. Kids will love them too and thanks to the premium ingredients it is a healthy snack for them too. 

Strips Chips Lentils Italy will appeal to everyone 

Looking for a tasty snack you don't have to feel guilty about? Do you care about the ingredients but you still want a full and balanced taste? Then you definitely have to try STRIPS CHIPS Lentils Italy. These legume chips combine rich nutritional values with a festival of Italian flavours such as tomatoes, garlic and onions. 

And don't worry, these chips aren’t spicy. Because we want to please the kids too, Lentils Italy are completely chilli-free. 


Lentil flour (85 %), rapeseed oil, chia seeds, sea salt, onion, tomatoes, garlic, spice mix, yeast extract. 


90 g