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Sour cherry chilli sauce

Looking for a versatile sauce that goes with both cheese and venison? Then you've found it. Cherry and chili create a great sweet and spicy flavor that works in a variety of dishes. You can use it in a fancy dinner or as a fresh barbecue dip.

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Sour cherry chilli sauce


Heat level

The heat level is low. It is therefore popular with everyone without exception. The light spiciness only underlines the sweet and sour taste of the cherries, but it definitely does not beat it.

Culinary uses

Sour cherries are the new cranberries. So our sauce can be used for vegetarian and meat dishes. What sets it apart from cranberries is its more interesting flavor and you'll see your friends asking for more. So don't hesitate to give it a chance.
Cherry sauce with chili tastes great with all kinds of cheese. But it also goes well with venison and all kinds of roasts and stews. It creates harmony with duck, beef, even white meat!
Do you like sweet dishes? Then try topping your pancakes with our chili cherry sauce and chocolate. This flavour play will be really great.

Premium ingredients

The best cherry sauce is the homemade one. But because we know it takes a lot of time to prepare, we've made it for you. And with us, you're sure to find only the best cherries and quality chili in it.
We won't find any flavourings, colourings or preservatives in the bottles. The reason is simple. We want the sauce to have a full, authentic taste. Otherwise, there's no point in it.


Pasteurized. Ingredients: Sour cherries (60%), sugar, pectin from citrus fruits, dried Bhut Jolokia chili peppers (0.06%). Without artificial preservatives and dyes.


260 g