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Sour cherry chilli jam

Mildly sour cherries and so many popular properties of chilli. From the beginning, it was clear that this connection would result in a complete champion. And so it happened! Each glass contains only the best local cherries and the best suppliers. Let's add the fact that we do everything by hand and do not add any chemistry to the content. This jam is just love on the first spoon!

Country of origin Czech Republic
Heat Level
  • 3
Price incl. VAT: 5,90 €
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Sour cherry chilli jam


Heat level

low to medium

What it's good for

The use of this jam is incredibly versatile. You can treat yourself to breakfast, which will take pancakes and pancakes to the next level. If you are not an extreme lover of sweet breakfast and you choose this jam for its acidity, then add one tablespoon to white yogurt and you have not only a luxurious but also a very healthy start to the day.

Cherries are great with chocolate, so you can use this jam to bake chocolate buns, slices or cakes.

Are you planning to sit down with friends and want to put a selection of cheese on the table? Find another bowl of sauce and put some of our jam in it. Aromatic cheeses and this taste create a unique connection.

Premium content

We love nature. That's why we want her tastes to resound in full parade. For this reason, we are looking for only the best raw materials. We choose the cherries ourselves and stone them by hand. Then we add chili and let something unique arise.

In addition to the absence of labels and chemistry, you will certainly welcome the practical glass packaging.

For bigger and smaller chilli lovers

Even though we love chilli and know that it contains a whole range of vitamins and minerals, we just put it in jam. It should never completely overshadow the taste of the fruit. That's why you can offer our jam to those who don't eat chilli.