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Red Jalapeño chilli powder 10 g

This spice is made from the ripe, red variant of the Jalapeño pepper. Unlike the green one, it has a very distinct, sweet and peppery taste. Beautiful colour, pleasant spiciness - this is the spice of Red Jalapeño.

SHU 10 000
Country of origin Spain
Heat Level
  • 2
Price incl. VAT: 2,10 €
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Red Jalapeño chilli powder 10 g

Aroma and taste

sweet peppery aroma and taste

Heat level

10 000 SHU

Culinary uses

Do you like ground paprika in your food? Then don't pull it out the next time you cook and replace it with this spice. The colour and flavour are very similar but the optimum hotness will give the dish exactly what it has been lacking.

It can be used in the preparation of sauces, salsas, minced meat or goulash. It is great with chicken and goes well with all Mexican dishes. But if you plan to include it on your Sunday menu, make sure all your guests like chilli. Although this pepper is low on the Scoville scale, it is very hot and can already be a challenge for some people.

Country of origin 


The first pepper in space

Jalapeño is a very popular pepper and forms a bridge between chilli lovers and beginners. There simply can be no doubt about the popularity of this pepper. The proof is that Jalapeño has reached beyond the borders of our planet!

It happened in 1982, when one of the crew members of the Columbia Space Shuttle took this pepper on board with them. Here you can see that this is a truly special pepper that you should have this chilli powder at home!