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RAW Strawberry protein bar

RAW Strawberry protein bar

Looking for the perfect snack? If so, this protein bar is made for you! Thanks to the fact that it's been cold-processed it's full of nutrients. Plus, you'll absolutely love the taste. Strawberry and chilli, that's a pair that goes together.

Country of origin Czech Republic
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RAW Strawberry protein bar


When delicacy and hotness meet

Wondering how our RAW bar is better than the others? There are several factors. Unlike others, our RAW bar has a nice consistency and doesn't stick to your teeth. The optimum amount of chilli will give you a boost, kick-start your metabolism and still not overpower the taste of strawberries.

A tasty and nutritious formula that will fill you up

The nutrients in RAW bars have not been cooked or baked. For this reason, they have the highest nutritional value and are a very valuable source of energy.

Chilli will also give you a kick and kick-start your metabolism. If you have this delicious bar, you don't have to feel any remorse!

Where to pack the bar

Thanks to its premium ingredients, the bar is a great source of energy. It's perfect after a workout or for a trip. It's also great for when you just get a craving for something good.

The optimal size ensures that the bar fits not only in your bag or backpack, but also in your pocket!


Dates, soy protein 14.3 %, rice syrup, hazelnut, strawberry 5.7 %, chilli powder 0.8 %.

Heat level

Mild to medium


35 g