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Peach chilli jam

Do you have a taste for sweet jam underlined by the mild hotness of the finest chilli? Then let us introduce you to our peach jam. It doesn't matter if you use it to prepare breakfast or original desserts. We can guarantee you it will be your new addiction!

Country of origin Czech Republic
Heat Level
  • 3
Price incl. VAT: 5,90 €
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Peach chilli jam

Heat level

low to medium

What it's good for

Every pancake or pancake longs for this jam. In addition to a pleasantly sweet taste, it will also bring the necessary kicks to your plate, which we are all looking for in the morning. If you don't have much time for breakfast, add a tablespoon of this jam to ordinary yogurt. We can guarantee you won't want another one.

Premium content

Mass production, fruit of poor quality - this is exactly what we have always wanted to avoid. Therefore, in our offer, you will find only jams that we produce by hand, from fresh and selected ingredients. We prefer to offer a limited amount of premium quality than a quantity of glasses with inedible content.

You don't get chemistry or artificial dyes. What you see is a purely natural product.

Pleasure and health in one

Our peach jam will not only bring a pleasant sweet taste to your plate but also a whole range of health benefits. Fruit combined with the positive health effects of chilli will provide you with exactly the dose of vitamins you need.

Thanks to the modest amount of chilli, you don't have to be afraid to offer jam to your surroundings. Everyone likes his spiciness.