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Pasilla chilli powder 30 g

Want to spice up your food, but only within limits? Then choose Pasilla! The hotness of the spices reaches only 2500 SHU and is thus among the most gentle. It is suitable for both sweet and savoury dishes. So be sure to grab this larger packet right away.

SHU 2 500
Country of origin Mexico
Heat Level
  • 1
Price incl. VAT: 4,20 €
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Pasilla chilli powder 30 g


Aroma and taste

sweet taste with hints of berries, pleasant earthy aroma

Heat level

2500 SHU

Culinary uses

The low heat level makes this pepper a truly versatile spice. It goes well with honey or fruit, but also with savoury dishes. It doesn’t only complement duck and lamb, but also goes well with seafood or mushrooms.

The low spiciness ensures that the food is to everyone's taste. It is also versatile in taste, so you can add it to any recipe. But if we can recommend something, then definitely try one of the Mexican recipes. This spice is really popular here, so it's great in burritos, quesadillas or echiladas.

Country of origin


Dark powder that hides delicacy

Compared to other chilli powders, Pasilla has a dark colour which gives a beautiful appearance to the prepared dishes. Its hotness is only 2500 SHU which puts it at the bottom rung of the Scoville scale.

If you're not too familiar with hotness values, we can compare Pasilla to other, perhaps more familiar, peppers. Jalapeno is 2 to 4 times hotter next to Pasilla. The well-known Habanero is 140 times hotter!

If you like chilli but don't need to consume only the hottest spices, then Pasilla is your new must-have.