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Mulato chilli flakes 30g

With these flakes, the kitchen will do just fine. They come from the overripe fruit of the Poblano pepper. This is where their purple-black colour comes from. This gives every dish a beautiful appearance, a full flavour of chocolate, liquorice and fruit and a very pleasant spiciness.

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Country of origin Mexico
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Mulato chilli flakes 30g


Aroma and taste 

Sweet aroma, slightly spicy, chocolate-fruity taste with notes of liquorice, cherries, plums and coffee  

Heat level 

2500 SHU 

Culinary uses 

The wonderful thing about this pepper is that you can use it anytime. Thanks to its mild spiciness, it doesn't matter if you're hosting chilli lovers or complete beginners. Everyone will love it.  

Mulato peppers are very popular in Mexican cuisine. Its colour also gives it the appearance of the very popular spicy mole sauce, which goes well with all kinds of meat. But you can also add the flakes to soups, sauces, stews or chicken. 

If you're a dessert lover, be sure to add this pepper wherever chocolate goes. These two ingredients complement each other perfectly. But Mulato will also complement ice cream, raspberry or grapefruit flavours.  

Country of origin 


Mulato as a member of the "Holy Trinity" 

The fact that this pepper is special is not just our opinion. It is one of the three most sought-after chillies in Mexico. Together with the Ancho and the Pasilla, it is one of the so-called 'Holy Trinity' of Mexican cuisine.