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Jerky Chilli and Lime

Just as a schnitzel has lemon, so does beef jerky have lime and chilli! If you balance the proportions harmoniously, you'll get a jerky you'll never forget. So don't hesitate to add several to your cart!

Country of origin Czech Republic
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Jerky Chilli and Lime


A fusion of the finest ingredients 

Jerky is a tasty and nutritious snack whenever an unexpected hunger strikes. Beef is a luxury itself, but why not give it a little help and take its flavour a level further?  

To make our Jerky unique, we combined it with two other ingredients. The first ingredient is more than typical for us, because we simply love it in everything and anything - chilli. It gives the meat a great kick and the necessary spiciness. The second ingredient then offered itself - lime! And the end result is simply incredible. 

A great snack for everyone 

Looking for a snack where you can be sure that only the finest ingredients have been used? Are you looking for something that tastes great and has chilli in it to warm you up? Then you're looking for our Jerky Chilli and Lime! 

Responsible approach to production 

It's not just the special mix of spices that adds flavour to our jerky. We take care in the production from the very beginning. For us, the process doesn't start with slicing the beef, but with selecting the best meat. 

It's the same with the selection of peppers and limes. We choose all ingredients in high quality and from the best suppliers. And then we just oversee the whole process. From the beginning to the moment we finish packing the jerky and senchill it to you. 

We say NO to chemical ingredients 

No gluten. Maximally natural ingredients, 57 % protein. This is the right jerky for us! 


Beef (min. 85%), seasoning mix (dextrose, salt, mix of spices and dehydrated vegetables - onion, tomato powder, pepper, garlic), chilli 1.5%, lime flavouring 0.6%, acidity regulator (citric acid), wine vinegar, sea salt, natural flavouring. 


Store in a dry and cool place. Once opened, use within 24 hours. White film on the slices is not a bad thing. The oxygen absorber is not intended for consumption.