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Isot chilli flakes 30g

The unusual country of origin of this pepper is also reflected in its taste. Consider for yourself which other flakes offer an earthy flavour that has hints of coffee or tobacco. While the hotness of the pepper is not high, its spiciness will stick with you long after you've eaten it.

SHU 50 000
Country of origin Turkey
Heat Level
  • 2
Price incl. VAT: 3,00 €
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Isot chilli flakes 30g


Aroma and taste 

Smoky and earthy taste with notes of coffee, chocolate, tobacco and raisins 

Heat level 

50 000 SHU 

Culinary uses 

The purple-black colour of these flakes will spice up any dish. However, they also have exceptional taste. If you don't know what to add these peppers to, don't be afraid to sprinkle a few flakes into salads, vegetable dishes and stews. 

The specific flavour also goes well with desserts. If you like to experiment, we recommend using these flakes to spice up very traditional items such as ice cream, gingerbread or fruit. 

Country of origin 


Chilli peppers that need care 

These peppers are unique in every way. Native to Turkey, they have a beautiful colour, a gradual but long-lasting hotness and a unique, earthy flavour that offers smoky notes, echoes of coffee and fruit. 

In addition, they are exceptional in the way they are created. Drying takes place in two stages. When the peppers are harvested, they have a beautiful red colour. After that, they are dried in the sun during the day and wrapped at night and left to sweat. The peppers owe a great deal to this process, especially their beautiful dark colour.