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Health benefits of chilli

It is an unwritten rule that what is tasty is not healthy. But this cannot be said of chilli. It doesn't make you fat and it has a positive effect on our overall health. And what does it do to your body? That's what we'll discuss in today's article.

At HOT CHIP, we fell in love with chilli not only because it is delicious, but also because it has a positive effect on health. Do you want to know how is it possible? Then sit back and take a journey with us through the healing effects of chilli.

Boosts immunity

Chilli peppers can boost your health. They have a high vitamin C content. There's even more vitamin C than in an orange! You'll also find here vitamin A, B6 and copper (antioxidant). The next time you're feeling ill, have your favourite chilli pepper.

It is a natural painkiller

When you eat chilli, the body will start to fight back by producing adrenaline, which is then joined by endorphin. And it is endorphin that is also known as a natural analgesic.

Positively affects mood

We already know that eating chilli can release endorphin, the happy hormone that can lift your mood. But it also releases dopamine, another happiness hormone, which causes feelings of reward and pleasure.

If you feel like you're addicted to chili, you probably are. But it's perfectly fine. The brain likes to go back to things that make it feel happy.

Helps burn fat

Want to lose some weight but don't feel like going to the gym? Then try the natural fat burner that is chilli pepper! Chilli not only boosts your metabolism but also reduces your appetite.

As proof, we also bring a study that showed that 10 g of chilli will speed up your burning. Lower weight is then an ideal prevention of diabetes or heart attack.

Supports libido

Capsaicin is a real miracle. And even for those who need to stimulate their sex drive. And how can it do that? In addition to triggering the release of happiness hormones, it also improves blood circulation throughout the body. Well, the combination of these two factors can work wonders.

Improves heart function

People who consume chili reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke. Proof can be found in a study where experts followed a group of people for eight years. Some of them consumed chilli regularly and some not at all or rarely. The results, which appeared in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, showed that people who ate chilli reduced their chances of having a heart attack by almost 45% and their risk of stroke by 60%.

Support your health with HOT CHIP

If you didn't know how to defend your passion for chilli before, you'll have no problem from now on. Besides, you can bring the health benefits of chilli to everyone you care about. How, you ask? Maybe by giving them an immunity box.