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Habanero dried pepper pods 10g

Habanero is a true evergreen. In its taste, you will find exotic notes of coconut, papaya, yellow melon, or berries. All this is complemented by a pleasant floral aroma. The heat level reaches around 350 000 SHU. You simply cannot miss this perfect play of taste, aroma, and spiciness!

SHU 350 000
Country of origin Ecuador
Heat Level
  • 4
Price incl. VAT: 3,30 €
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Habanero dried pepper pods 10g



This pepper does not have an elongated shape like the Jalapeño but is rather more shrunken. Its shape may remind you of a strawberry. The colour of the Habanero is a bright red-orange.  

Aroma and taste 

fruity to the floral aroma, exotic taste with notes of coconut, papaya, yellow melon, and berries 

Heat level 

350 000 SHU 

Culinary uses 

This pepper finds its place in many dishes. Thanks to its exotic taste and fruity aroma, it also goes well with sweet dishes, mainly chocolate. It is also perfect in salsas and marinades. So never forget to include Habanero when you prepare marinades for a barbecue. 

Country of origin 


When the champions come together 

Habanero is simply unique. It combines the taste of juicy fruit, a pleasant floral aroma and at the same time offers plenty of spicinesses. If you search for the origin of this pepper, you'll end up in Cuba. 

If you are a true chilli lover, then you have noticed that the current record holder for hotness is the Carolina Reaper. And how does this relate to Habanero? It may surprise you but the Carolina Reaper was created in 2012 in South Carolina by crossing two then-champions. One was a Bhut Jolokia pepper and the other was a Habanero. 


100% Habanero chillies 


10 g