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Habanero chilli powder 10g

The powder from this pepper is very popular. No wonder. Its fresh, fruity aroma, exotic fruit flavour and pleasant heat level of 350,000 SHU make it one of the most popular evergreens. You can start with a small 10g pack.

SHU 350 000
Country of origin Ecuador
Heat Level
  • 4
Price incl. VAT: 3,40 €
In stock

Habanero chilli powder 10g


Aroma and taste

floral aroma, exotic taste with notes of coconut, papaya, yellow melon and berries  

Heat level

350 000 SHU 

Culinary uses

The floral flavour and exotic fruit aroma make it a perfect match for sweet dishes, ideally chocolate. It also goes well with savoury dishes. In fact, Habanero is great in dips and sauces or barbecue marinades! 

Country of origin


Habanero: The pepper that offers you everything! 

This Caribbean pepper is very popular. It is because of its unique taste. Not only fans of high heat levels will be interested. It will impress all people who are looking for an exceptional taste. The interplay of papaya, coconut, yellow melon and berries guarantees a unique taste experience. 

We know that spice plays a key role in every dish. So we've prepared a mild chilli powder to help you flavour any meal. It goes well with savoury dishes as well as desserts with chocolate! 

Thanks to its uniqueness, Habanero is also one of the two peppers that have been crossed to create the most feared Carolina Reaper - currently the world's hottest pepper! 

If you haven't tried Habanero yet, it's time! You won't regret it and your cooking will take on a whole new dimension.