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Green Jalapeño chilli powder 10g

Jalapeño is clearly one of the most popular peppers in the world. Although it may seem very hot to some people, it ranks at the bottom of the Scoville scale. The jalapeño takes on many forms and its strength and flavour depends on its particular version. This fresh, green variant reaches 10 000 SHU.

SHU 10 000
Country of origin China
Heat Level
  • 2
Price incl. VAT: 2,20 €
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Green Jalapeño chilli powder 10g


Aroma and taste

fresh, vegetable flavour with a low level of spiciness 

Heat level

10 000 SHU 

Culinary uses

This spice is perfect for all Mexican dishes. It plays perfectly with legumes or corn, it adds the flavour to burgers, pizza, stews, chicken or steaks.  

It is a very versatile chilli powder that adds optimum spiciness to any dish and to a variety of sauces. 

Country of origin


Jalapeño and its different versions 

When you say Jalapeño, it is a very broad term. In fact, it takes on many forms in terms of size, colour, hotness or taste. For this powder we chose the green variant because we know its heat level is just perfectly balanced. You can put it on your pizza or in your burgers and enjoy an optimally spicy meal anytime you want. 

As Jalapeño peppers go through the ripening process, they gradually change colour. That's why you know not only the green but also the red version. This green one is made of an unripe pepper and it makes its taste hotter and more fresh.  

Once it gets red it has a stronger and sweeter taste. If you come across Jalapeño in smoked and dried form, it is called a Chipotle.