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Discounted packaging of RAW Bars 10+10

Discounted packaging of RAW Bars 10+10
-10 %

We decided to prepare a RAW bar for you that will have everything. We focused on great taste, optimal heat, composition and consistency. This discount pack contains 10 bars with Strawberry flavor and 10 bars with Caramel flavor.

Standard price: 31,80 €
Price incl. VAT: 28,59 €
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Discounted packaging of RAW Bars 10+10

Package contains:

10x RAW Bar Caramel

Introducing another member of our chilli family! It is a caramel protein bar with a balanced amount of chilli. It will delight beginners and advanced chilli eaters alike. The fact it's been cold-processed makes it a great and nutritious snack. In addition, we are sure that you will completely fall in love with this caramel flavour.

10x RAW Bar Strawberry 

Looking for the perfect snack? If so, this protein bar is made for you! Thanks to the fact that it's been cold-processed it's full of nutrients. Plus, you'll absolutely love the taste. Strawberry and chilli, that's a pair that goes together.