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Cotton apron

Are you the master of your kitchen? Do you love cooking with chilli? Then our HOT-CHIP apron is waiting for you! It's made of cosy cotton, so it's not only practical but also comfy. What’s more, HOT-CHIP logo makes this apron the perfect accessory for all chilli eaters and all chili lovers.

Price incl. VAT: 10,90 €
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Cotton apron

Practical features first

Cooking can be a joyful and creative activity. But the worst part is the mess it sometimes leaves behind. We're not gonna do the dishes for you. But we can make sure no more accidents happen to your clothes!

Our apron awaits all cooks, big and small. It will protect your clothes and at the same time make sure everyone can see who you are: The master of the chilli kitchen! The universal size ensures that it fits everyone.

Stylish design

The apron is not only practical, but also stylish. You don't only have to wear it when cooking, but you can serve your grilled specialties in it. Moreover, it can be easily washed. So it will be ready for your next cooking session.

The perfect gift for chilli masters

If you know someone who loves cooking and chilli is their favourite ingredient, then this apron will be the perfect gift for them. Trust us, success is guaranteed.

Product details

Material: cotton
Colour: black
Dimensions: 90 x 65 cm
Weight: 128 g