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Chipotle chilli powder 10g

This unique spice is characterised by its chocolate and nutty flavour and charming smoky aroma. This distinctive aroma is the result of smoking Jalapeño peppers on pecan wood. You can also get this great stuff in a handy 10g pack.

SHU 10 000
Country of origin Ecuador
Heat Level
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Chipotle chilli powder 10g


Aroma and taste 

smoky aroma, sweet taste hiding notes of chocolate and nuts 

Heat level 

10 000 SHU 

Culinary uses 

Chipotle powder is very popular in Mexican cuisine and it can be used in a wide variety of dishes. It is a great spice for beef, pork and chicken meat.  

If you're preparing a legume dish, don't forget to add a little spice to it too. Planning a barbecue? Then add some powder to marinades, sauces or dips. Thanks to its pleasant spiciness, this chilli should not be missed anywhere.   

Country of origin 


Unique aroma and taste  

What is Chipotle? It is a dried and smoked version of the popular Jalapeño pepper. Do you love the taste? We're not surprised. The unique smoky aroma and full chocolate flavour are just unique!  

Chipotle is so popular that more than a quarter of Jalapeño production is intended to become this smoked version. Another advantage is a really mild and warm spiciness. It kicks each dish but it doesn’t suppress its essential flavours. Jalapeño peppers have a place in many of the world's cuisines.