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Chipotle chilli flakes 30 g

If you want a new, unmistakable taste for your food, then try our Chipotle chilli flakes. Chipotle is a smoked version of the Jalapeño pepper and it is the smoking process that gives the flakes their distinctive flavour. It has hints of chocolate and nuttiness, all wrapped up in a pleasant smoky aroma.

SHU 10 000
Country of origin USA
Heat Level
  • 2
Price incl. VAT: 3,80 €
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Chipotle chilli flakes 30 g


Aroma and taste

Smoky aroma with the taste of chocolate and nuts

Heat level

10 000 SHU

Culinary uses

This pepper comes from Mexico, where it is really popular. For this reason, it can be used in the preparation of many Mexican dishes that require a spicy element.
These flakes go well with beef, pork and chicken. But they also work well with legumes and take barbecue dips to a whole new level.

Country of origins


Flakes with an unmistakable taste

Chipotle's unique flavour is created by smoking ripe peppers over pecan wood. It's what makes the flavour of the flakes so specific and interesting, bringing notes of chocolate and nuts.

Optimal hotness

The hotness of these flakes is somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 SHU. It is for this balanced hotness that they are popular all over the world. Proof of this is the fact that nearly one-fifth of Jalapeño peppers are used to make Chipotle. Here you will find them in the form of flakes, which are ideal for food preparation and bring a truly extraordinary experience to the plate.