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Chilli Onion Sauce

Chilli Onion Sauce

Onions are the basis of every good meal. And sauces are no exception. The great taste of sweet onions and mild chilli creates a combination that complements any meat but also a vegetarian salad or a distinctive burger. 

Country of origin Czech Republic
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Chilli Onion Sauce


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Culinary uses 

Only few sauces are as versatile as onion chilli sauce. It perfectly highlights the taste of meat, complements any vegetable, elevates the taste of various cheeses, takes your burgers to the next level and if you have nothing but bread at home, every toast with this sauce will be a full gourmet experience. 

Premium ingredients 

They say there is beauty in simplicity. And our onion chilli sauce is a living proof of that. The uniqueness of this sauce also lies in its premium ingredients. But this is a feature of all our sauces. 

Ingredients to please everyone 

Sometimes it takes so little to create something extraordinary. In our case it was onions, raisins, balsamic vinegar and the Bhut Jolokia Peach pepper. To make sure that everyone can enjoy the ride, we've put in a really balanced amount of chilli. Don’t be afraid to offer it to anyone. 

You'll find a whole range of perfect sauces like this in our range. So don't just stick to one and get a whole arsenal of them!  


Onions (45%), raisins (sultanas, cottonseed oil), balsamic vinegar (69% red wine vinegar, 31% concentrated grape must), salt, cane sugar, water, dried Bhut Jolokia Peach chillies (0.12%), spice mix. 


260 g