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Chilli Mustard

Mustard should be in every fridge. It tastes great and if it had a little more kick, it would be perfect. But wait a minute! There is such a thing as mustard. And you're looking at it right now!

Country of origin Czech Republic
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Chilli Mustard


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Culinary uses 

Chilli can be quite a ride sometimes. We love balance and harmony as much as you do. So the spiciness doesn't completely overshadow the amazing taste of the mustard seeds.  

And how can you use this mustard? It's great for making all sorts of sauces, it goes well with meat, plays great with root vegetables, it brightens up any sandwich or just goes well with sausages. 

Premium ingredients 

We keep an eye on the contents of each jar. For this reason, we reject mass production and products full of colourings and flavourings. We always produce our products in small quantities where we can guarantee the highest quality. 

When two great things combine into one and even better! 

We love chilli but we also enjoy playing with different ingredients and finding the right balance. 

Mustard is amazing on its own. It goes well with meats and can even enhance sauces or soups. Chilli is also perfect. This led us to the idea of combining both ingredients into one miracle! 

For us, this fusion is perfect.. So if you love mustard, there's no reason not to replace it with this genius chilli version! 


Mustard seed (26%), alcoholic fermented vinegar, drinking water, salt, cane sugar, turmeric, dried Bhut Jolokia Peach chillies (0.12%). 


200 g