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Chilli Honey

Strengthening immunity is really important. If you don't know where to start, we have the perfect combo for you: honey and chilli. Although this combination may surprise you, these two components are just a perfect match. Great taste and health-boosting - you just can't say no to this combination!

Country of origin Czech Republic
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Chilli Honey


Natural immunity booster 

Each jar contains hand bottled honey. To give it a unique flavour and to enhance its health benefits, we macerate chilli peppers in it for several weeks. This makes the honey smooth and leaves a subtle spiciness in its flavour. 

Czech handmade product 

Handmade production is the only way for us. Because this is the only way to guarantee the quality and great taste of each product. Moreover, we love nature and we want to ensure that everything is produced with the utmost respect for the environment. 

Culinary uses 

Suffice to say, it plays perfectly with both sweet and savoury dishes! For us, we can recommend inviting this honey to help marinate meat for a barbecue. Honey chicken with a dash of chilli is just top notch. And if you're looking to use it in desserts, honey and chilli works great in combination with chocolate. 

Remember, this combo of superfoods will give your immunity the strength it needs! 


macerated honey (Czech Republic)