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Chilli Harrisa

Harissa is the traditional hot sauce of the North Africans. Its taste is so unique that it has found its place in many national cuisines. If you love chilli, you must have one at home by now. And if you don't, you should add it to your cart right now!

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Chilli Harrisa


This traditional hot sauce has gradually found popularity all over the world! If you're wondering where it came from, then the journey takes us all the way to North Africa. 

Spiciness combined with outstanding taste 

Only a balanced ratio of cayenne pepper, cumin, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil will guarantee that this sauce tastes exactly as it is prepared by the people of Morocco and Tunisia.  

This hot paste has the exact kick that every dish needs. You don't know what to use Harissa for? We've got a few tips for you! 

Culinary uses 

Harissa is simply unique and has versatile uses. Here are some tips! Harissa is excellent in sandwiches.  Definitely great with couscous or pasta.  If you're in the mood for meat, chicken goes more than well with this liquid seasoning. 

If you have nothing to eat but the slice of old bread, toast it up! Then add out Harissa and the result will be a royal toast you won't be ashamed to offer to a visitor. 

We can guarantee not only great taste, but also absolutely premium ingredients. And because we mean it, every jar of harissa is handmade. 


Cayenne Red chili peppers (51%), garlic (23%), lemon juice (15%), table salt, olive oil, cumin.


130 g