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Chilli Granola

Granola can remind you of a classic breakfast cereal. It is a baked mixture of legume chips. Because we wanted our granola to have something extra, we added a little chilli. And we can guarantee this breakfast will really wake you up!

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Chilli Granola


Why would you want granola with chilli? 

Why shouldn't you miss our granola? Ok, let’s go! Granola is an incredibly good and healthy thing. It's made by roasting legume flakes which are sprouted seeds of red lentils, chickpeas, beans and mung beans. To make such a breakfast rich, you will also find some oatmeal or oat flakes in our granola. And what else? The ingredients are gluten-free! 

If you think our list of reasons is over, you're wrong. Our granola contains not only selected legumes, but also chilli. And this is great for your immunity! Moreover, chilli will start your stomach every morning. 

High-quality ingredients 

And let's just add that all the ingredients are truly high quality, with no allergens, gluten, E numbers or artificial colours or flavours. Everything is the result of honest handmade production. 

When to serve the granola? 

If you need a wake-up call in the morning, our chilli granola will kick-start you. And don't worry. It's mildly spicy, so breakfast doesn't turn into a fire show.  

Whether you like mornings or not, granola will get you started. 


sprouted dried legumes 44% (red lentils, mung beans, large-grained lentils, chickpeas), crushed gluten-free oatmeal *, millet flakes, soluble corn fiber, maltodextrin, coconut fat, olive oil, ground yellow flaxseed, spice preparation (dried vegetables (tomato powder, onion, garlic, paprika floca), edible salt, aroma, spice extracts), rice flour, sea salt, spice preparation (dextrose, dried glucose syrup, yeast extract, aroma), spices (Green chili peppers Jalapeno 0.3%), a mixture of spices.