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Chaotian dried pepper pods 30 g

Chinese cuisine has brought new flavours to the world of gastronomy, among which the hot and sour ones dominate. If you like them and want to get them on your plate, then we have a perfect candidate for you. It's the Chaotian pepper, and it will add a popular exotic sour element to sauces and dishes.

SHU 23 000
Country of origin China
Heat Level
  • 2
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Chaotian dried pepper pods 30 g



distinctive red colour, elongated shape reaching a length of about 6 cm

Aroma and taste

slightly sweetish, sour, and spicy taste with hints of citrus fruits

Heat level

25 000 SHU

Culinary uses

This chilli pepper is one of the cornerstones of Chinese national cuisine. It combines all the popular flavours, including spiciness and sourness. When consumed, you can smell flashes of lime and lemongrass, all accompanied by the much-loved spiciness of chilli. The final taste is absolutely perfect.

Perfectly complements meat, soups, and vegetables in any form. So it's up to you what food you want to add an exotic taste to. If you are going to prepare fish, be sure to remember Chaotian - it can rid fish of its characteristic odour.

If you love the taste, marinate the peppers in oil or honey for a few days. This will create a whole new flavouring ingredient and the longer you macerate the peppers, the stronger the flavour will be.

Country of origin


Facing heaven chilli

If this is the first time you've heard of this pepper, it might just be because you know it by a different name. It is also known as Chao Tian or Facing Heaven Chilli. The first name is derived from the city of its occurrence, while the second name refers to the fact that the peppers grow with the tip upwards as if reaching towards the sky.