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Challenge headband

Do you like chilli challenges or do you love sports? Whatever your prefer, our HOT-CHIP headband will definitely fit the bill. It'll protect you from sweat streams and keep you looking stylish. Soft absorbent cotton, the HOT-CHIP logo and the red colour - it's simply the perfect combination for any chilli fan.

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Challenge headband

Take on challenges with the HOT-CHIP headband

Sometimes eating chilli means shedding streams of tears and sweat. Plus, if you're going to the HOT CHIP Challenge, we can confirm that there will be plenty of sweat and tears.
Eating the world's hottest chilli can present a real challenge. So be sure to equip yourself properly. Our stretchy, absorbent headband will definitely help. You won't have to wipe away sweat all the time. The headband will take care of that for you.

Create the whole set

Of course, you'll find a use for the headband even after completing the challenge. It's perfect for sports. Plus, it lets your opponent know that you're tough and won't be afraid of anything. After all, if you love chilli, it's clear you're not afraid of a little discomfort and pain. The colour and quality of our HOT-CHIP T-shirt will complement it perfectly.

Universal size

If you're struggling to find the perfect size, don't worry. We've solved this problem simply by offering a universal size. Thanks to the elastic material, the headband fits everyone.

Product details

Material: soft elastic cotton
Colour: red
Dimensions: 18 x 5 cm
Weight: 24 g