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HOT CHIP assures you an unforgettable and fiery sharp experience!


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How can you participate?

1. Eat it!

Eat the whole hot chip seasoned with the hottest chili. Don’t tell us, we didn’t warn you.

2. Make a video of it!

Make a short video or at least take a photo of yourself so that everyone can see how your taste cells cope it.​

3. Share it!

Post your performance on Facebook, Instagram or Tik-Tok along with the hashtag:

4. Challenge someone

Challenge one or two friends who should get to know the most fiery challenge: Hot Chip challenge!

5. Win!

By fulfilling the Hot Chip Challenge, you automatically participate in the Hot Chip Edition competition for an iPhone.


What is Hot-Chip?

HOT CHIP is a tortilla chip made from the hottest chili in the world that will tantalize the mouths of even the strongest natures. HOT CHIP Challenge is an unique experience that most people remember for a lifetime. The product is perfect as a challenge for friends, partners or as an original gift.

A corn tortilla chip seasoned with the hottest chili in the world. Ingredients: Corn flour (79%), sunflower oil, Carolina Reaper spice, Trinidad Scorpion Moruga spice,salt (0.9%), active coal.

Suitable for vegans.

What is the content of the package?

Inside the package is an extremely sharp tortilla chip, which is kept in a special packaging that on the one hand ensures long durability and preserves the sharpness. Furthermore, the packaging box contains a protective glove, hot-chip sticker and a discount card for sharing the HOT-CHIP Challenge with other friends.

How long does it burn?

Intensive burning takes about 10-20 minutes, but you will not forget this experience.

Can it harm my health?

The chili spice has no health consequences. Those people who dare to eat a chip may experience extreme burning in the mouth, blurred vision or breathing difficulties for a short period of time, similar to what happens when taking other hot chilies. The product is not suitable for children, pregnant and lactating women. Avoid consumption if you are allergic to capsaicin or have health problems in general.

How much SHU (scoville heat unit) does it have?

The value of Carolina Reaper’s SHU is between 1.8-2.2 million. Carolina Reaper is officially the hottest chili in the world.
HOT-CHIP contains a high percentage of this chili

What types of shipping are available?

We deliver the package directly to your home. If the supplier cannot reach you at home, he will try the next day or deliver the package to one of the nearest parcel stores.

How many pieces are in one box?

Inside the box is an extremely sharp chip. It is not a common potato chip bag for TV watching, but a handmade work of each piece separately. Through the handwork, we achieve a fair quality of sharpness. It is also ensured that each chip is whole. Chip is packed in an original food container. All this is packed in beautiful packaging in the form of a coffin.

What can I win?

You can find current prices on the Competitions site.

The main prize is the latest iPhone.

The current terms and conditions of the competition can be found on the therms and conditions page. The competition takes place at regular intervals. If the conditions of the competition are met, you will automatically be entered into the prize draw.