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Carolina Reaper chilli powder 10g

Forget everything you know about hot peppers. This chilli pepper is a real challenge because it reaches 2,000,000 SHU. This heat level is making it the hottest pepper in the world! If you're brave enough then you’ll definitely enjoy it! In addition to its extreme heat level it also offers a fruity, sweet taste.

SHU 2 200 000
Country of origin Ecuador
Heat Level
  • 6
Price incl. VAT: 6,30 €
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Carolina Reaper chilli powder 10g


Aroma and taste 

fruity and sweet, the taste offers notes of chocolate, cherry and cinnamon 

Heat level 

2 000 000 SHU 

Culinary uses 

If you decide to add this spice to any of your dishes then you should be careful. All the things you heard about Carolina Reaper are true! That’s the reason why we recommend some kind of moderation. 

If you overdo it, flames will come out of your mouth and it will absolutely kill the flavour of your food. But if you use a balanced quantity of this spice you will definitely enjoy it in sauces, salsas, soups, legumes, meat and vegetable dishes. 

Country of origin 


Carolina Reaper: The gateway to a burning hell 

Carolina Reaper is here only for brave ones who already have some experience with chili. If you've ever heard stories of how this pepper has brought down more than one daredevil, we can confirm: It's true!  

But if you are careful then you'll be rewarded with a really rich and great taste. It’s not only about heat but also about notes of chocolate, cinnamon and sweet cherries. 

If you decide to use the chilli powder for the first time then don’t forget to be moderate. To achieve a truly gourmet experience it needs to be dosed carefully. Remember you can add more spice to your dish gradually.