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Carolina Reaper chilli flakes 10g

Ladies and gentlemen, this pepper deserves a round of applause and a spectacular welcome! This is the holder of the title of the world's hottest pepper! On the Scoville scale, it reaches 2,000,000 SHU! And that's not all. In addition to its hotness, it offers a wonderful, rich taste with notes of fruit and chocolate.

SHU 2 200 000
Country of origin Ecuador
Heat Level
  • 6
Price incl. VAT: 5,90 €
In stock

Carolina Reaper chilli flakes 10g


Aroma and taste 

Fruity and sweet, the taste offers notes of chocolate, cherry and cinnamon 

Heat level 

2 000 000 SHU 

Culinary uses 

If you fell in love with Carolina Reaper primarily for its taste, then you'll be happy to hear that these flakes go well with absolutely everything. They're great with meats and vegetables, the perfect complement to sauces and salsas and enhance the flavour of legumes and soups. 

So you see, these flakes are just a versatile culinary accessory. But handle it with care. If your hand gets torn off while seasoning, you may just end up coughing up flames and not tasting the remaining ingredients at all!  

Country of origin 


Carolina Reaper as the gateway to hell 

Some chillies are not to be messed with.  And in the case of this devil, that goes double. If you love strong chilli, Carolina is sure to become your favourite. Otherwise, it can be a very painful experience you’ll never forget. 

Whichever recipe you choose, remember that these flakes come from the world's hottest chilli pepper. If you don't go overboard with the amount of it, the dish will take on a nice sweet aroma and a wonderful flavour that will hide notes of chocolate, cinnamon and cherries.