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Blueberry chilli syrup 1L

Blueberry chilli syrup 1L

This summer refreshment relies on a combination of juicy blueberries and natural chilli. And we can say that the result is great. Just one glass and you'll fall in love instantly. Don't hesitate and become a master of mixed drinks with our blueberry syrup!

Country of origin Czech Republic
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Blueberry chilli syrup 1L

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How to use it 

You can enjoy it just with water or in non-alcoholic mixed drinks. The presence of chilli ensures that even an average drink is turned into a unique affair. You will appreciate this especially on hot summer days. We all know that consuming alcoholic beverages can be quite tricky. That's why it's great to have other quality refreshments. 

Premium ingredients 

We use only quality ingredients and we avoid artificial flavourings. That's why you won't find anything in the bottle that isn't purely natural.  

Unique syrup with a unique taste 

We are proud to present this great combination of blueberries and chilli. Maybe you're bored of ordinary syrups and their boring flavours. In this case you should definitely try cherry syrup with chilli. It is truly versatile! Moreover, thanks to our great concentrated recipe, you can easily make 10 litres of drink from one bottle. Each glass will have a premium and delicious taste. 

One bottle is not enough 

You can make a lot of syrup from one bottle. However, you'll fall in love after the first sip. So don't hesitate to try other flavours, such as orange, mango or cherry, which is also great in hot chocolate. One bottle is never enough!  


Water, sugar, citric acid, blueberry flavouring, natural chilli extract. 100 ml contains on average: Energy value: 869 kJ (204.5 kcal), protein: <0.1 g, carbohydrates: 52.6 g of which sugars: 52.3 g, fat: <0.1 g of which saturates: <0.1 g, salt: <0.1 g. Store in a dark place and at temperatures between 5-25 °C. Protect from direct sunlight. 


1 litre. Recommended dilution: 1:10.