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Bird's Eye dried pepper pods 30g

An intense hot taste without any other distinctive flavour. Bird's Eye chillies have no rich fruity taste. Their message is clear - burn and burn.

SHU 100 000
Country of origin Spain
Heat Level
  • 3
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Bird's Eye dried pepper pods 30g



Bird's Eye peppers are tiny but they are very spicy. Their length is about 3 cm and their diameter reaches 1 cm. 

Aroma and taste 

spicy taste with no other notes 

Heat level 

100 000 SHU 

Culinary uses 

Bird's eye peppers are characterised by distinct and pure hotness. If you're looking for a pleasant aroma and full flavour, you won't find it here. Their main advantage is that they add spiciness to the dish. But beware! If you don't handle this pepper carefully, it will completely overpower the flavour of the food. 

They are great with meat, in sauces, marinades, soups, or stews. Lovers of spicy food will certainly appreciate it in pickled ermine.  

Country of origin 


The Story of Bird's Eye 

When we go to the roots of this pepper, the wind takes us all the way to Southeast Asia and Ethiopia. Thanks to their spiciness, they are widely used in many dishes here. They have hotness of 100,000 SHU, which means they are almost 20 times hotter than Jalapeño. 

This chilli paper has always been used as a home remedy for arthritis, rheumatism or toothache. And where did it get its name? It may be news to you, but only mammals can feel the hotness of peppers. Birds are not affected by the properties of chillies, so they can consume them and spread the seeds further in their range. 


100% Bird’s Eyes chillies 


30 g