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Bird's Eye chilli powder 30g

If you love the pure heat this powder is a great choice. It has a clear mission - to add a distinct spiciness to any dish without any extra flavours. You can use it for any dish that deserves intense spiciness. We believe that you’ll fall in love with this powder so you will appreciate the 30g packet.

SHU 100 000
Country of origin Spain
Heat Level
  • 3
Price incl. VAT: 5,20 €
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Bird's Eye chilli powder 30g


Aroma and taste 

strong spiciness, no complementary flavour 

Heat level 

100,000 SHU 

Culinary uses 

This spice can be characterised by a strong and pure spiciness. It’s really great for all people who need their dish to be spicy but be careful. If you add too much powder to your dish you can kill it’s taste.  

If handled carefully, it's great with meat, in sauces, marinades or even in goulash. If you're making pickled chesse or vegetable, don't forget this spice. 

Country of origin 


Almost ten times hotter than Jalapeño 

The hotness of this pepper reaches 100,000 SHU. Who is it suitable for? For anyone who’s looking for real heat. Don't expect a pleasant aroma or a full fruity flavour, this pepper's job is to add spiciness to your food. That's why it's so popular in many exotic cuisines. 

This pepper has also been used for home treatment of arthritis, rheumatism or toothache. And where did it get its name? Birds are responsible for the spread of its seeds. Unlike humans, birds are not affected by the hotness of chilli. Therefore, they can consume it and take care of its spread.