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Barbecue chilli gift box

Barbecue chilli gift box

Do you like grilling? And do you want to be the grill king? Then you can't miss our barbecue chilli set. The products you'll find in it will take your every meal to a whole new level. And the chilli syrup makes the best refreshment.

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Barbecue chilli gift box

Every barbecue needs several things. Great spices, marinades, sauces and something to wash it all down. Creating your ideal set can be quite challenging. But we've taken it upon ourselves to create a set that you can't beat. 

You're not a grill master? That's okay. You can also use these products in classic cooking. And if you're going to a garden party, grab this box as a hostess gift. You'll see that it will please absolutely everyone. 

We know that chilli will never stand out if it is not well processed or added to poor quality ingredients. That's why we make sure that all the ingredients are really high quality and processed by hand, here in the Czech Republic. The proof is in the ingredients, where you won't find any flavourings, colourings or E numbers.