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Bamboo cutting board

The designer bamboo cutting board is here for everyone who loves cooking and everything that is related to it. It will serve you for chopping, but also as a distinctive addition to your kitchen. Thanks to the fact that it can be hung, you can enjoy its elegant design every day.

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Bamboo cutting board

For slicing meat, vegetables and chilli

Bamboo is the best material for a cutting board. It's both durable and eco-friendly. You can cut meat, cheese and vegetables on it.
If you prefer sliced chillies over spices during cooking, then you can use this cutting board to cut them. Then no one at home will complain that your chilli is everywhere. You'll have your own special cutting board for it.

Unique design

And why choose a cutting board from us? The answer is simple - it looks great! Its asymmetrical shape gives it a touch of originality. In addition, it has two other advantages. It is easy to hang and it is decorated with our logo. Both these reasons make it an absolute must-have for all chilli lovers.

Maintenance tip

In the case of cutting boards, you'll appreciate bamboo more than traditional wood. You'll find that it doesn't deform as much and doesn't soak up excess water. Plus, if you care for it properly, it will last through anything.
Always wash the board by hand under running water with ordinary detergent, then wipe it dry. This will prolong its life. If you're going to deep clean, you can use lemon or water with baking soda. It'll get into the knife's grooves.

Product details

Material: bamboo
Colour: light brown
Dimensions: 24.5 x 17.5 x 1 cm
Weight: 289 g