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Apple chilli jam

Close your eyes and imagine the taste of juicy apples and mild chilli. Can you smell the unique taste? If not, you need to experience it for yourself. And where else but with us, where we guarantee the highest quality.

Country of origin Czech Republic
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Apple chilli jam


Heat level 


Culinary uses 

It is perfect for sweet dishes such as waffles and pancakes. If you want to take the experience even further, don't be afraid to add this apple chilli jam to naturally roasted meats. A pleasant gourmet experience guaranteed! 

Premium ingredients 

We are not fans of mass production. We prefer our jams to be made in small batches. That is the only way we can guarantee the premium content of each jar. We peel the apples by hand, remove the cores and then process them further.  

Made with love and care 

We love chilli, we love fruit and we love quality. That's why you can count on the fact that every jar of our jam contains truly premium content. Sun-ripened apples, quality chilli and handmade production. This combination is simply irresistible. 

No hidden preservatives 

You don’t have to look for E numbers, preservatives, or added colours. Jars don’t contain a single one! We produce everything with high standards, right here in the Czech Republic. The balanced taste of apples and chilli is guaranteed to please brave chilli eaters and complete beginners alike. 


Apples, sugar, chilli, gelling agent: pectin, acidity regulator: citric acid. Nutritional values per 100 g: Energy 633 Kj/149 kcal, fat: 0.3 g / of which saturates: 0.1 g, carbohydrates: 35.8 g / of which sugars: 35.5 g, protein: 0.3 g, salt: 0 g. Store in a dry place out of direct sunlight. Use within 14 days after opening and store at a temperature below 5˚C.  


180 g