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Ancho chilli powder 30g

If you don't know what spice to add to your dishes, Mexico will help you! Local residents would definitely recommend you Ancho pepper and there are several reasons why. A low heat level that pleases everyone and a wonderful plum flavour – these features make it a real number one! So feel free to grab our 30g pack straight away!

SHU 2 500
Country of origin Spain
Heat Level
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Price incl. VAT: 4,20 €
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Ancho chilli powder 30g


Aroma and taste

fruity aroma, slightly sweet, plum-raisin taste 

Heat level

2500 SHU 

Culinary uses

If any pepper plays perfectly with every dish, it's Ancho. Its low heat level won't choke down food's flavour. It rather emphasises it. Its mildness and light plum flavour make it a great spice for many kinds of meat, sauces and dips. It also plays well with sweet desserts.  

Can you smell Mexico in the air? Of course you can! Mexico is the birthplace of this pepper and its taste will complement any national dish of this country. 

Country of origin


Mexico's national love is called Ancho 

Low heat level will please beginners but also chilli lovers. A sweet taste of juicy plums and raisins will greatly interplay with every ingredient.  

These features make Ancho peppers a unique spice and that’s the reason why you can find it in almost all traditional Mexican dishes.