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Ancho chilli flakes 30g

This pepper could easily be one of Mexico's national symbols! After all, it ranks first in popularity in the local cuisine. And who would be surprised. Optimal, light spiciness, pleasant fruity aroma and flavour with hints of plum. You'll simply love it.

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Country of origin Mexico
Heat Level
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Ancho chilli flakes 30g


Aroma and taste 

Fruity aroma, earthy, slightly sweet, plum-raisin taste 

Heat level 

2500 SHU 

Culinary uses 

If you're a fan of chilli, you'll know that the flakes from this pepper are suitable for everything. They make a great addition to sauces, soups, meat dishes and even many desserts with chocolate.  

If you want to try a speciality, try one of the Mexican recipes. Mexicans love this chilli pepper, so you can't go wrong with any recipe! 

Country of origin 


Chilli peppers that everyone will love 

We love high heat levels. But we also love the gentle spiciness that hides other flavours. That's why we've fallen in love with this pepper. Its mild spiciness appeals even to complete beginners. The beautiful dark colour will enhance any dish.And the taste is simply amazing. 

Ancho is a dried form of Poblano pepper. It has a dark green colour when harvested. It's the drying process that brings it to its darker shades. We think you just have to try these flakes to get a taste of what Mexico tastes like!