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Aji Amarillo dried pepper pods 30 g

This pepper will give your food not only a great taste but also a great colour. Its yellow-orange colour brightens up any dish and its medium hotness is complemented by a sweet taste. It reveals notes of berries and exotic mangos.

SHU 15 000
Country of origin Peru
Heat Level
  • 2
Price incl. VAT: 4,25 €
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Aji Amarillo dried pepper pods 30 g



oblong shape, strong orange-yellow colour, size 10-12 cm

Aroma and taste

sweet taste with notes of berries and exotic fruits, floral-fruity aroma

Heat level

30 000-50 000 SHU

Culinary uses

Thanks to its origin, this pepper has become a national treasure of Peru. It can be found in many local dishes and side dishes, in a variety of forms (fresh, dried, pickled, paste).

If you don't plan on preparing Peruvian food, that's okay. The freshness of the Aji Amarillo pepper will complement many light vegetable dishes, beef, risotto, or seafood.

Country of origin


Sunny yellow Peru

The Incas literally loved this pepper and its popularity has remained in Peru to this day. That's why you can find this pepper almost everywhere because it is grown here at every turn. Its name comes from the Indian word Aji, the word for chilli, and the word Amarillo, which means yellow. Despite its name, the pepper ripens to a deep orange colour.